Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Elic is 4 months old!

Elic is 4 months old! Or he was 2 days ago :) Yesterday he had his 4 month check up with our favorite pediatrician...in case any one is looking for a pediatrician in the Franklin area we go to Dr. Andy Huss at Harpeth Pediatrics, he is WONDERFUL! Elic did great and he is pretty perfect. The doctor said he was a "perfect little fella." Little meaning little :) That is right, even though to me he seems so big he is actually pretty small. Here are his 4 month stats...

Weight: 12 pounds 12 ounces (11%)
Height: 24 inches (18%)
Head Circumference: 16 inches (19%)

The doctor was not concerned one bit...he said as long as he is growing that is what matters, and Elic is in fact growing! We talked a little bit about his eating and sleeping habits. I am still nursing him exclusively. At night time he pretty regularly wakes up twice. He goes to bed at 7pm then wakes up (typically) around 12:30 or 1 then again around 4:30 or 5. He will on occassion get up just once (like last night he went down at 7 woke up at 2:30 then slept again til 7 this morning). The doctor said the main thing is that he goes down for bedtime content and will go to bed awake (meaning Elic can happily put himself to sleep). Which he does do this about every night. We talked about starting Elic on rice cereal just to see if that will fill him up a bit more before bedtime. We started Ellison on rice cereal around 5 months so we will give it a try with Elic in about a week or so. All in all we have a sweet, healthy and happy little man :)

Here are some things that Elic has been doing the past month...
  • He has steady head control
  • He can lift his chest with his arms while lying on his belly (which he actually enjoys "tummy time")
  • He brings his hands together in front of him and clasps them together
  • He is starting to reach for objects on his playmat and carseat...he swats at them
  • He laughs out loud and vocalizes when he is spoken to
  • He is a roly poly! As soon as you lay him down he immediately rolls to his belly. He has rolled from belly to back several times but does not do it often
  • Every night as soon as we lay him down he rolls over and sleeps on his belly all night long
  • He LOVES to stick out his tongue and blow raspberries...it's SO cute!
  • He is by far the happiest, most social and flirty baby, you just lay eyes on him and he smiles & melts your heart!
My 4 month old son!

Ellison is doing great...she has been doing her usual routine w/ school and playing with friends...we are gearing up for this weekend. It is going to be tons of FUN!

Getting ready to go to church...


Picking flowers outside...

Planting more seeds for the garden...

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