Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elic's Baptism

This past Sunday was Ellison's 3rd Birthday and Elic got baptized. It was such a blessed day for us to share with our families. We are SO incredibly thankful for all of the family members that attended (and we missed those who were not able to come)! We had all of the great grandparents there, Ellison's great Uncles from Pasadena and her Uncle from San well as all of Connor's family from Columbia and my family here in Franklin. Our children have no idea how lucky they are to have so many people that love them as dearly as our families do!

The Baptism was perfect, Elic did great and Ellison loved showing off her baby brother. Connor and I really feel at home at our church (First Prebyterian of Franklin) and love our pastor...Chris Joiner.

We were able to get some family photos at the church following the Baptism...
Daddy and Elic (2 good looking fellas :)
Aunt Sarah and Uncle GoGo
Connor, his sister Sarah and Elic
The 4 of us with T-daddy, Jen, and Mama Doris
The 4 of us with Aunt Heather, Uncle Ben, Aunt Sarah, MeMac, Meme and Papa
Pastor Chris
My whole family...GJ, Poppy, Uncle GoGo, Nan, Claude, GUE and GUM (we missed you Matt and Grace!)
Group shot!
So proud and blessed to have my family of 4 :)
The little fella himself looking so sweet...
Eli Alexander Ball (Elic) baptized on March 13, 2011


Ellen said...

Precious pictures! Can't wait for our boys to finally meet! We'll be back in April for 10 days... yay! Let's plan a playdate!

Stacey said...

SO sweet, Linds!