Monday, March 14, 2011

Ellison's 3rd Birthday Party w/ friends!

So on Saturday morning we celebrated Ellison's 3rd birthday with her friends at Pump It Up! We had a wonderful turn out...about 18 kids ages 2 to 5 (plus all of their mommies a lot of daddies and about 6 siblings that were younger than age 2) AND we had some family members that stopped by to enjoy the fun! It was such an awesome party and everyone had an absolute blast! (sorry for the major photo overload!)

Ellison getting the party started!
GUM and Elic
Tuck and Roll Uncle GoGo
Me and my best friend Nikki with her sweet son (and Ellison's future hubby) Asher
Going down the slide...
I LOVE this picture of my mommy friends...such wonderful ladies in this group!
Having fun!
Connor adored playing with all of the kids...he was a kid himself at the party
Uncle GoGo and Aunt Sarah attacking Connor
Run Ellison run!
Connor getting beat up on by a bunch of silly girls
Uncle Ben and Elic
I love this picture...
Uncle GoGo playing with his neice
Attempting a group photo of Ellison and all of her friends!
Proud parents of the birthday girl!
Another friend photo (still missing a bunch of kids)
Family photo!
I LOVE how these turned out...
Uncle GoGo and Aunt Sarah taking a break...
Party favors...suckers w/ sticker tags that say "Thanks for making my 3rd birthday a fairy tale!"
Sitting in the thrown waiting to blow out her candles!
Singing Happy Birthday!
Make a wish
Everyone eating and enjoying cupcakes!
Everyone worked up an appetite!
GUE and Elic :)
Opening gifts...Ellison got way too much, thank you for the sweet gifts everyone!
Party girl is about ready to check out...
Happy parents who are so blessed to have a sweet, smart, beautiful, healthy and precious 3 year old girl!


Anonymous said...

Such fun times!! It was a great party......

Anonymous said...

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