Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Another week has pretty much come and gone (it is not quite Friday) but we are done with school/work this week and so we have started our Spring Break! I am excited to know that we have all of next week to enjoy pretty weather, catch up with friends, PLAY, I can love on both of my little loves and do a few little house projects!
Today was BEAUTIFUL was around 75 degrees, sunny and clear skies. At school all of the classes pretty much were outside from the time kids arrived until lunch/nap time. My class was outside the same time Ellison's class was. So it was fun to watch her play with all of her friends on the playground (plus get frequent hugs and kisses from me :)
We spent the evening eating a traditional Irish meal at our dear friends' house with The Ogle Family! The kids played hard outside (again the weather was so perfect). We ate corned beef, potatos and cabbage...AND we drank some green beer :) That is right, I added green food coloring to everyone's beer...we had to go ALL out :) We love spending time with The Ogles...the kids were wonderful, Ellison was worn out by the time we got home.
So from our house to yours...
Happy St. Patrick's Day 2011

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