Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our Spring Break so far...

So we are coming to the end of our Spring Break :( We had nothing planned when Spring Break began but gosh we have been super busy with play dates! I think that is pretty much all we have done...which has made this week fly by!
I am going to start with this past Sunday...we went to church, did our usual weekly grocery shop then Ellison and I had some girl time with our best friends, Nikki (who is my best friend :) and her daughter Ava (who is Ellison's best friend :) Nikki and I decided that we wanted to take our girls out (without daddies and boys) once a month for some "mommy/daughter girl time!" I have not been out alone with Ellison since Elic was born so this was some much needed time together!

While we were out, daddy stayed home to work on our bathroom renovation and Elic spent the afternoon with his GJ and Poppy (thank you so much for watching Elic!).

We took the girls to Starbucks to get a treat...Ellison chose a huge chocolate chunk cookie and a juice box, Ava chose a mini whoopie pie and a juice box. The girls loved their treats and had a blast being silly and playing in Starbucks...
The girls eating their treats...

Best Friends :)

They started playing ring around the rosie in the middle of Starbucks...they were the talk of the place, we had several people come up to Nikki and I going on and on about how cute and happy Ellison and Ava were. Some people thought they were sisters!

They all fall down!

Mommy and Daughter during our girl time :)

After Starbucks we went to see a movie at the "big theater." The girls loved it! They sat next to each other and literally laughed and danced during the first 45 minutes of the movie then slowly settled down in their seats. It really was such a fun time! We can't wait for our next outing :)

On Monday we met Nikki, Ava and Asher at Pinkerton Park for some play time because the weather was BEAUTIFUL! Ellison enjoyed swinging and running around with her friends while Elic snoozed...poor guy he literally spends a ton of time in his car seat either snoozing and riding around. We are so busy with playdates that he just goes with the flow. Thank goodness he is such a laid back guy (for the most part!)...
Check out those white legs! Here we are swinging and waiting for our friends to arrive...

And little fella taking a snooze...

After the park we met daddy for lunch at a new restaurant that opened up in downtown Franklin called Riff Burgers. It was very yummy! We spent the rest of the afternoon and evening at home...

Sweet Elic hanging out

On Tuesday we met friends at Pinkerton Park again...we all decided to pack lunches and have a picnic. Once again the weather was amazing. Ellison played hard with her friends Ava, Asher and Connor...

Playing at Pinkerton

She loves going down the slides...

After playing and eating lunch we headed home for naps then we went over to our old neighborhood and had such a fun late afternoon playing at a friends house. It was so warm out that Ms. Suzanne set up their inflatable pool with a slide. All the kids put on their bathing suits and had SO much fun playing in the water. They played with playdoh, ran around and got LOTS of energy out! It was nice because the mommies were able to sit and chat while the kids kept each other entertained. It ended up being 4 mommies and all of our kids (6 kids and 2 babies). It made me realize how much I miss our neighborhood and neighbors!

Taking a break from playing in the water to have fun with playdoh!

Sweet girls...Ellison, Ava and Alexa :)

Little fella hanging in his carseat...again ;)

On Wednesday we woke up and got ready somewhat early and headed to Columbia for the morning to visit Connor's family! We started out at granddaddy and Jen's house. Mama Doris was there as well to see the kids. We had great conversation, some yummy treats and Ellison played (and of course showed off :) Elic was such a sweet boy and enjoyed being passed around...
Granddaddy with his grandson

Mama Doris with her great grandchildren!

Jen and Elic

We then went to visit Meme and Papa...Ellison always loves playing with the toys at their house and Papa loves rocking his grandbabies :)

Elic and Papa

Papa rocking his great grandbabies :)

Meme with her great grandchildren!

Following Meme and Papas we went to MeMac's house to eat lunch! We were able to relax for a little bit before hitting the road back to Franklin. Ellison was enjoying herself so much that she didn't want to leave.
Overall it was a great day and visit with grandparents and great grandparents! Thank you all for having us :)

We babysat our sweet and little studly friend Mr. Asher while his parents and sister went to dinner to celebrate Josh's birthday! Ellison and Asher were SO cute playing together and had so much fun...I am convinced they will marry each other one day!

Ellison and Asher watching a movie

Aren't they precious?!

Trying to love on Elic...I think Elic was overwhelmed!

So that brings us to today (Thursday) but I am going to stop because I think I have overloaded you with picutres :) I'll update with the rest of our Spring Break activities at the end of the weekend!

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you have such a beautiful and amazing life! You are all very blessed. Take care! Xoxo