Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Birthday party...

We spent a beautiful Saturday at the park about a week ago celebrating Lillian's 3rd birthday! We had a great time...especially being outside in the warm & sunny weather. Ellison played hard at the park which meant a good nap in the afternoon :) As silly as it sounds, I LOVE taking Ellison to her friends' birthday parties. It is fun to see Ellison interacting with her friends, having a good time and it is fun for Connor and me to socialize with our friends ;) Plus it allows my very active 3 year old to get LOTS of energy out!

 Excited to eat her green cupcake
 Party girl
Ellison insisted on sitting next to Lillian while the birthday girl opened her gifts...
Ellison checking out what Lillian got!
Going down the slide...

Little man hanging out in his car seat of course...where else would he be? :)
This girl makes me SO nervous and all of the things she insists on doing "all by myself mommy!"
Climbing the rock wall

See Saw with daddy
See Saw with friends :)
Happy 3rd Birthday Lillian!

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