Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Egg Hunt at School!

 Ellison had a Easter Party and Egg Hunt at her school! One of the many advantages of working at her school is I get to see and participate in the fun activities that my kids do in their classes :) The egg hunt was a hit...

 Ellison with all of her friends after the egg hunt showing off their eggs!
 Searching for more eggs
 Happy girl!
 So proud of her full basket of treats :)

After the egg hunt the classes all had Easter parties...the kids did Easter crafts, ate pizza and treats! It was a fun day :)
 Eating pizza with her class...

 Ellison with her basket of eggs and Easter crafts...
 Reading books with her friends before dismissal...
Sweet girls...Ellison and her friend Hattie, I love these two!

Easter weekend is here!

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