Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Elic is 5 months old!

This is about a week late but Elic is 5 months old! I can't believe he has almost been with us for half of a year...some days it is like he was just born and other days it feels like he has been with us forever (I mean that in a good way :)! I could NOT imagine our lives or family without him. He makes me smile EVERY time I lay eyes on him.
Here are some fun things that Elic has been doing this past month...
  • He is reaching and grabbing at everything he sees!
  • He puts everything in his mouth and the drool is making an appearance (bibs are becoming a daily accessory for him!)
  • He loves to lay on his mat, grab his feet and play with them while rolling side to side. It is so cute!
  • He still insists on rolling over as soon as he is either on the ground, in his crib, on a bed, in a bouncy seat or swing...the little man will not stay on his back for more than 30 seconds!
  • He is NOT a napper at all! He takes several cat naps through out the day but they never last more than about 30 minutes and it is usually just in the car while we go places. 
  • He is only waking up once at night time but the time is ALWAYS different! He still goes to bed at 7pm and puts himself right to sleep in his crib. He typically wakes up between 2 and 4am it is never the same time every night.
  • I am still nursing him (he has only had breast milk) however after a 9 hour battle he took his very first bottle this past Sunday (it was breast milk). We decided we needed to get him use to one because we have an overnight getaway in May. So he will be with my parents and we wanted to make sure he would do okay with a bottle. 
  • We started feeding him rice cereal every day about 1 week ago and he now LOVES it. He can't wait to eat it. I even decided to try some veggies. So far he has had sweet potatoes and green beans. He loved both! I think tonight will be carrots :) (Ellison was not a fan of carrots so we will see!)
  • He overall is just such a sweet, flirty, lovable, calm and flexible baby! I feel so blessed :)
 Here are some 5 month photos of my little fella...

 We love our sweet Elic!

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Ellen said...

So sweet! He looks just like Ellison in the next to the last picture. Can't wait to see ya'll sometime next week!