Friday, April 1, 2011

Ellison's 3 year check up!

We had Ellison's 3 year well check earlier this week! She is pretty much perfect :) Here are her stats...
Weight: 33 lbs (73rd percentile)
Height: 37 1/2 inches (63rd percentile)
She is finally catching up and getting in the higher percentage groups for her age!

 Here are some things Ellison has been doing this past year...
  • The past couple of months she has been showing a lot of imaginative play! Like role playing (she is Princess Belle, daddy is the beast and good ole mommy is a witch :) ha! she even plays "Princess" with her friends and they pretend to be sleep in the castle and there is a Prince. It just blows my mind how she is using her imagination, I LOVE it!
  • She is SO busy and interactive with her friends. We have TONS of playdates each week which she loves! We try to do different things like the park, playing at indoor play areas, at people's houses, inflatable places like Jump Zone, we take her to the zoo...just a wide variety of interactions which I think is so important!
  • She is starting to become more involved with doing puzzles and wanting to play games (like Memory, etc.). She does get frustrated easily if she can't figure things out right away! We are working on this :)
  • She is becoming more crafty and doing things like cutting with scissors, gluing, painting and trying to "draw" shapes! She will count out things correctly and count on her hand...
  • She LOVES pointing out things and telling us what shape it is, the color, etc. She is SO smart!
  • We are 100% Miss Independent! With brushing teeth, potty time, getting dressed and putting shoes on, getting in and out of the car, getting food out of the fridge and pantry, closing and opening things, turning lights off and on...the list is ENDLESS!
  • Her speech is incredible...every where we go people literally stop to comment on how verbal she is for her age. She talks in complete sentences, tells stories, will remember things that she did in the past and all of the details (like who she was with, where they were, what happened). Poor Elic won't be able to get a word in til Ellison is off to college!
  • She has been potty trained for a LONG time now but we are recently taking naps with no pull up anymore and she has had no accidents and at night time I honestly can't remember the last time her pull up has been wet when she wakes up (I am still to nervous to put her to bed without a pull up on but I may try it here soon)!
  • She is such a big help with Elic...when he is crying she automatically tries to do things to cheer him up! She will get me his diaper and wipes when I need to change him, she makes him laugh all the time...they love each other SO much already!
  • She adores school and learning. She comes home every day with stories to tell about what happened at school, what she learned, who she played with...
  • She LOVES reading and will look at books by herself and read the story based on what she sees in the smart!

Those are just a few things that have stood out to us about how much Ellison has changed! We love her SO much we can't put it into words. She means the world to us and we feel so blessed to have such a beautiful, smart, healthy and loving little girl! We love you Ellison and are SO proud of you!

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Anonymous said...

She is definitely a jewel!!! What a smile!