Saturday, April 23, 2011


 We have some really wonderful friends! This past Saturday night our dear friends, The Gore Family, invited us over for dinner. I teach with the mom, Lori (her hubby is Blake) and Ellison is friends with their girls (Ella-5 and Hattie-3). They (Ella and Hattie) are expecting a baby brother in about a month! We can't wait to meet little Caleb, especially so Elic can have a buddy :) We had such a fun time together...the girls were WILD and CRAZY! We literally all sat in the family room for 2 hours after dinner watching the girls horse around and we all laughed NON-STOP!
 Sweet Ella getting some good practice holding Elic before her baby brother arrives!

 Such sweet kiddos...
 Mini Mamas, Elic and Ms. Lori
Mini Mamas feeding their babies
 Ella, Hattie and Ellison Sandwich!
Connor getting attacked by all the girls...

Thank you Gore Family for such a fun night...can't wait for the next!

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