Saturday, April 9, 2011

First trip to the Zoo in 2011 and flying a kite!

Last weekend was beautiful! So we packed up the kids (and all our junk) and headed to the zoo for the day! It was Elic's first of MANY trips to come :) Ellison was so excited and ready to see all of the animals...
 We started the morning playing in the Jungle Gym at the zoo...

 Going down the slide!

 This is what little man did most of the time :)
 Of course we had to ride the carousel...
 Daddy and Ellison on the carousel
 Feeding the birds...
 Mommy and Elic feeding the birdies
 The one and only sibling photo at the zoo
 Watching the elephants
 Mommy, Ellison and the elephants
 Daddy and Elic at the reptile house!

After the zoo we came home and ate some lunch then decided to skip nap time and go hang out with friends for the afternoon! It was just too pretty out to sleep the day away...when we came home we took Ellison outside to fly her Ariel kite for the first time!
 Elic hanging out and waiting for his cereal!
 Daddy getting the kite ready!
 Ellison flying her kite!
 Sweet girl
Mommy and Elic flying the kite!

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