Monday, April 18, 2011

Here fishy fishy...

Once again I am a little behind on my blogging! The weekend before last Connor and his dad took Ellison fishing in Columbia where Connor spent a lot of his childhood days (Graymere Country Club). Ellison has been fishing a little bit here and there but this was her first fishing experience with her very own (pink princess) rod (that broke after the first cast...$12.00 wasted) but she didn't really know the difference :) Luckily Connor had a lucky streak and caught quite a few fish so he let Ellison reel them in on his rod.

 Ellison and daddy with a fish!

 Ellison using her broken pink princess rod...
 Waiting patiently with daddy to hook a fishy
 Ellison insisted on holding the fish...she has no fear
 Mommy and Elic decided to have a turn...
Just a random sweet picture of my favorite little girl and me ;)


Anonymous said...

Ellison is just the adventurer! She loves it all, especially anything outside. What a special little lady. Love the pic with the princess fishing rod.

Connor said...

So many things to remember when fishing.