Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kids Music City Expo!

 This past weekend we took the kids to the 1st Annual Kids Music City Expo! At first we weren't so sure about it but after a few minutes of scoping out what all was there it was totally worth the time and small admission price. We collected lots of information/brochures about a ton of kid stuff (camps, birthday party ideas, etc.). They had inflatables, the Purple Play Bus, a pirate ship play ground, face painting, princesses...) Ellison LOVED it all! We met up with some of our friends there but we hardly had time to chat with each other because the kids were running around all over the place...
 Daddy and Elic watching Ellison slide down the inflatables
 Action photo!
 Sitting in the fire truck
 Playing on the pirate ship...
 Ellison was amazed there were princesses there...
 She got a manicure...purple sparkle polish w/ polka dots! The girl loves having her nails done :)
 She got her face painted...
 Totally admiring herself in the mirror...the nice lady even painted pink lipstick on her lips which Ellison LOVED!
 Photo with the Easter Bunny :) She actually smiled which surprised me!
One happy girl :)

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