Sunday, April 3, 2011

Our little chef :)

First of all we had a wonderful weekend! I will post about it tomorrow...there will be LOTS of pictures because we spent time with friends, family and the weather was BEAUTIFUL!
There were a couple of photos I wanted to add in really quick from play dates we had over Spring Break that I missed...
 We met some friends at Peekaboo Playtown! Ellison is pretending to paint (in her Princess dress of course :)
 Ellison and her friend Marin (I promise my daughter was having fun she just didn't want her picture taken)
 We played at a new play area called Shipwrecked...Ellison trying to Hula Hoop!
 Ellison and her buddy Mason at Shipwrecked...
And a sweet picture of the kiddos before dinner one night...

This particular post is a little late but I wanted to do it any way. One of Ellison's friends, Penelopi (Ellison calls her "LP") couldn't come to Ellison's birthday party. SO, Sweet Penelopi arranged for herself and Ellison to take a cooking class together at Young Chefs Academy! It was PRECIOUS and SO much fun. Ellison loves helping Connor and me in the kitchen (mainly Connor since we all know I am not the cook of our household :) So this cooking class was right up her alley. The theme of the class was the letter "T" so they made Tomato Soup with homemade croutons and Tiramisu. 
One thing that I LOVED about the class is how well the instructor explained things as far as safety, the steps for making the meal, taking turns, etc. The kids would count out loud while stirring things, they "cut" up onions and herbs for the soup with actual scissors (I may start doing that at home so Ellison will get more practice with cutting skills). The parents were able to watch the kids during the class which is always fun. They have a summer camp that I am thinking about signing Ellison up for :) Here are LOTS of photos...thank you to Ellison's friend Penelopi!
Waiting to start the class...

 Sweet girls ready to cook!

 Cutting up some onions with scissors!
 Waiting in line to wash hands...aren't they precious?
 Ellison's turn to stir the soup!
 Trying out their yummy tomato soup!
 The whole class...
 The cutest little chef :)
Thanks Penelopi for such a fun cooking class!

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Anonymous said...

It was a great class! They were so cute cooking! Thanks LP for a fun time.