Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A week and weekend recap!

We completed our first official week and weekend of summer break! I would be lying if I didn't say I missed work/school a little bit. Mainly because it provides us with routine and a little extra money :) However we enjoyed lots of playdates with friends, dance class, dinner with friends, Elic's 6 month photo shoot (which turned out awesome!), Connor and I had an overnight date in Nashville to dinner, Jimmy Buffet concert then spent the night in a great hotel, we cleaned out our garage and then had some family fun last night picking up takeout from our favorite place (Oscars), went fishing then had a treat at Sweet Cece's!

 Ellison and her buddy Luke enjoying some lunch and play time at our house...

Ellison and her friend Marin playing at the park (or I guess I should say on the rocks!)

 Posing for a picture in her bathing suit...

 The kids during our family evening out to eat dinner by the lake, go fishing in the pond then to Sweet Cece's for a treat!

 Bubby just chillin...

 Ellison fishing with her daddy!

 Bubby is almost sitting up on his own without any support! He will do it for a minute or so then falls over...

 Me and the kiddos...I am looking ROUGH after a full day of cleaning out our garage in 95 degree weather!

Enjoying some Sweet Cece's with daddy!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Elic's 6 month photos!

Our photographer came over yesterday to take some 6 month pictures of Elic! She posted a sneak preview and they are wonderful (they always are!). We can't wait to see the rest! Thank you Beth!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Last day at W.E.E. Care and start to summer break!

Yesterday was our last official day of school/work at Walker W.E.E. Care! We will be starting back up in August but for now...summer break has begun!
Ellison and her favorite teacher Ms. Tina on the last day of school!
The kids and I met up with our best friends...Ms. Nikki, Ava and Asher for pizza last night. It was a nice evening outside so we ate on the patio and the kids played non-stop! It was fun to kick back, let the kiddos get energy out and chat with my dear friend :)
These kids always have fun together...
Hanging out at the pizza place...
Today to kick of summer break officially starting we had a fun day! We met up with several friends at the zoo :) It was very crowded and hot but we still had some fun chaos!
 Ms. Catherine, Camp, Ellison, Ava and Asher at the zoo!

 Riding with some of the kiddos on the new zoo train!

 Thi kids loved the train!

 Ellison with her best buds...Ava and Asher

After a fun morning at the zoo we had a busy afternoon running a few errands then made dinner for our dear friends...The Gore Family! We took dinner to their house since they just had baby Caleb about 2 weeks ago. We stayed to eat with them, the girls had LOTS of play time and even Elic & Caleb had some guy time ;)
 Elic and Sweet Caleb
 Ellison and Hattie snuggling with Mr. Connor

 Ella wanted to join in the snuggles...
Sweet girls!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is almost summer time!

Ellison had her last day of school today at Rolling Hills. I worked at this preschool 1 day a week for the past 6 months. The kids went with me and loved being there, especially Ellison! We will miss not working there next school year since I will be working at Walker WEE Care 4 days a week. As a farewell and end to the school year at Rolling Hills the classes had a program that they did for the parents and then a fun little picnic lunch. It was Ellison's first real program that she participated in and she did AWESOME! Connor and I both were totally expecting her to shell up, thumb in mouth and no movement. Boy did she prove us SO wrong! She was one of the few kids doing every hand motions, singing the songs, smiling, waving...it was PRECIOUS and just about brought tears to my eyes! We were such proud parents...
(for some reason the video will not upload! I am going to keep trying but for now here are some pictures of the program...)

Singing "My God is so big and so strong and so mighty!"

 This Little Light of Mine!
 Don't let Satan blow it out :)
 Hide it under a bushel...NO!

Ellison and her best friend Ava eating at the school picnic!

Trip to Knoxville! (Day 2)

On Saturday, Connor and Ryan headed out to go fishing for the day in the mountains. So Jennifer and I loaded up the kiddos and took them to the zoo! It turned out to be a beautiful day! We were at the zoo from 9:30am til 2:30pm. The kids had SO much fun. Elic hung out in his stroller most of the time but he was quite content. Ellison and Owen were all over the place and loved exploring, running around and playing...
Ellison playing cashier in the indoor play area at the zoo...
Checking out the penguins!
Ellison and Owen being animal doctors in the indoor play area...
Ellison playing zoo keeper...cleaning up poop ;)

Animal puppet theater and stage...

Elic strolling around and being his happy self :)
Checking out the birdies...
Feeding the camels...
Ellison and her monkey face!
Being silly...
Ellison checking out the huge tortoises...
Petting zoo...
Having fun on the slide in the kids outdoor play area...
Climbing the spider net!
Having fun!
Playing in the huge sandbox!
Getting dirty...

Splashing in the water area
She is having the best time!

After we returned home from the zoo...we rested up, got cleaned up and met the hubbies out to dinner in Square Market of downtown Knoxville. After a yummy dinner we walked around and the kids had tons of fun running, playing, dancing to music and being silly!

Isn't this picture SO cute of Ellison and Owen!

The daddies and their kiddos...
Being goofy!

As always we had such a wonderful time in Knoxville! Thank you McNally Family for being such wonderful hosts during our visit!