Friday, May 6, 2011

Ellison's first camp out!

 On Saturday night Connor and Ellison had their first camp out in our back yard! Connor has been wanting to do this with Ellison since she was born :) It was a perfect night for it (weather and temperature wise). Ellison was SO excited all day long. She talked about sleeping in a tent with her daddy, eating marshmallows and hotdogs, having a fire...she was beside herself! Connor took her to Target to get some supplies (like a pink camping chair :)
 Daddy with the kiddos...setting up camp ;)
 Ellison eating her roasted hotdog
 Cutest little camper ;)
She waited so patiently for us to eat before roasting marshmallows. She just stared at the bag of chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers.
 Roasting her first marshmallow!
 Eating her first s'more...she loved it!
 Licking the sticky marshmallow of her face...
 Fun camping with daddy!

So around 9pm we agreed it was night night time. I honestly expected her to want to come in the house. Oh how I was wrong! She wanted to sleep in the tent. I did have to lay with her in the tent for about 45 minutes before she fell asleep but it was worth it. Once she was out she was out til 5:45 in the morning (she woke up because a storm had started and my motherly instincts were to go get her and bring her inside where it was dry and safe :) Sorry daddy!

She is already talking about wanting to go camping again tomorrow :) I think she is going to follow in her daddies footsteps!


Anonymous said...

Such the adventurer!

Anonymous said...

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