Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Hattie!

 We had a super fun birthday party this past weekend. Ellison's great friend, sweet Hattie, turned 3! It was a strawberry shortcake theme. The day was beautiful...the party was outside and there were bounce houses set up for the kids. Ellison had a blast playing with all of her friends while Connor and I had just as much fun chatting with our friends!
 Singing Happy Birthday to sweet Hattie...

 Yummy cake!
 Ellison and Ella enjoying cake
 How cute are they?! Ellison with Hattie (the Birthday girl)

 Ellison in her dress up attire playing in the sand box with her friends...she cracks me up!
 Ella and Hattie (they are sisters) and Ellison
 Bouncing around...
 Hattie was sweet and shared her suckers with Ellison
Happy 3rd Birthday Hattie! We love you sweet girl :)

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Anonymous said...

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