Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy Easter! (Part 1)

The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house on Easter morning! It was like Christmas again at our house :)

I LOVE the kids Easter baskets. Ellison had a different one the past 2 years but it was more like a bag. So I decided I wanted the kids to have matching baskets with different lines. I found them at Pottery Barn kids...
Ellison got princess lip gloss and nail polish, new slippers, goggles for swimming, candy treats and the best thing were her new purple earrings!
Little Elic made out well to...a new book (which the kids LOVE) called the Little Blue Truck, it is such a cute read! He also got a sun hat for the beach, a onesie, a hammer toy, bibs and some puffs (not quite old enough for them but I had to get some sort of "treat."

We went to church for the Easter service and it was SO good. I am glad we went. Ellison went down to the nursery and Elic tried his best to hang with us but the sweet boy was too HAPPY! He was cooing, blowing bubbles and making funny faces at everyone around us. So Connor took him out in the greeting hall. 

After church we went to my parents house for breakfast and Easter treats. They had a little egg hunt set up for Ellison. The food was delicious, the Easter bunny stopped at their house which was exciting for Ellison AND we got some super sweet pictures...

Little photo shoot of the kiddos...
I am so incredibly blessed!
He is the sweetest little man EVER!
Family photo Easter 2011
Egg Hunt at my parents house...

Checking out the treats

The kids with Nan, Claude, GJ and Poppy!

Easter gifts from Nan and Claude!
GJ and Poppy with their grandbabies :)
Easter baskets at my parents house (Ellison got the movie Tangled and was super excited!)
GJ and her grandson...

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Mandy said...

Absolutely fantastic, Lindsey!
Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed the visit. :)