Wednesday, May 18, 2011

It is almost summer time!

Ellison had her last day of school today at Rolling Hills. I worked at this preschool 1 day a week for the past 6 months. The kids went with me and loved being there, especially Ellison! We will miss not working there next school year since I will be working at Walker WEE Care 4 days a week. As a farewell and end to the school year at Rolling Hills the classes had a program that they did for the parents and then a fun little picnic lunch. It was Ellison's first real program that she participated in and she did AWESOME! Connor and I both were totally expecting her to shell up, thumb in mouth and no movement. Boy did she prove us SO wrong! She was one of the few kids doing every hand motions, singing the songs, smiling, was PRECIOUS and just about brought tears to my eyes! We were such proud parents...
(for some reason the video will not upload! I am going to keep trying but for now here are some pictures of the program...)

Singing "My God is so big and so strong and so mighty!"

 This Little Light of Mine!
 Don't let Satan blow it out :)
 Hide it under a bushel...NO!

Ellison and her best friend Ava eating at the school picnic!


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cute dress Ellison love 2 see it on my bedroom floor when I take it off you, bedtime with a 3 yr old is sooooo much fun