Friday, May 20, 2011

Last day at W.E.E. Care and start to summer break!

Yesterday was our last official day of school/work at Walker W.E.E. Care! We will be starting back up in August but for now...summer break has begun!
Ellison and her favorite teacher Ms. Tina on the last day of school!
The kids and I met up with our best friends...Ms. Nikki, Ava and Asher for pizza last night. It was a nice evening outside so we ate on the patio and the kids played non-stop! It was fun to kick back, let the kiddos get energy out and chat with my dear friend :)
These kids always have fun together...
Hanging out at the pizza place...
Today to kick of summer break officially starting we had a fun day! We met up with several friends at the zoo :) It was very crowded and hot but we still had some fun chaos!
 Ms. Catherine, Camp, Ellison, Ava and Asher at the zoo!

 Riding with some of the kiddos on the new zoo train!

 Thi kids loved the train!

 Ellison with her best buds...Ava and Asher

After a fun morning at the zoo we had a busy afternoon running a few errands then made dinner for our dear friends...The Gore Family! We took dinner to their house since they just had baby Caleb about 2 weeks ago. We stayed to eat with them, the girls had LOTS of play time and even Elic & Caleb had some guy time ;)
 Elic and Sweet Caleb
 Ellison and Hattie snuggling with Mr. Connor

 Ella wanted to join in the snuggles...
Sweet girls!

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