Sunday, May 15, 2011

Mother's Day 2011

 This year I got to celebrate Mother's Day being a mommy of 2 kiddos! Connor woke up with the kids so I could get a little extra sleep. Once everybody was awake they came into my room with flowers and a sweet handmade card from Ellison. We decided to spend the morning at the zoo as a was beautiful outside! (get ready for picture overload!)

After the zoo we came home for lunch and both kids went down for a nap. I got back out of the house to meet my mom at the mall so we could spend a little time together without the kids (I never get alone time with my mommy). She surprised me with a mini shopping spree since I never get myself anything anymore. I had so much fun having time to look in a variety of store, try things on and even had time to exchange a size til I found the right fit! Shopping without kids was just what I needed :) Thank you mom!

After some shopping I returned home to an empty house. Connor had gotten both kids up from their nap and rushed out before I got home to go to the grocery store. He thought it would be nice for me to have some quiet time in the house which was wonderful! It was hard to sit still and relax though so I did some cleaning and laundry :) Once they returned we got the kids situated and in bed then Connor made me a super yummy dinner and dessert. He even rented a chick flick for us to watch :) 

All in all it was a wonderful Mother's Day and I am so thankful & honored to be the mother of 2 amazing children. I couldn't imagine my life without the role of motherhood. Thank you to my family for a Happy Mother's Day!

 The zoo!
 Elic checking out the fish...
 The kiddos
 Daddy being silly :)
 Not sure what persuaded us to purchase this almost 7 dollar drink but oh was yum and we got free refills for the day!
 Ellison looks so big!
 Mommy and her sweet little ones on Mother's Day :)
 We love the flamingos...
 I love this picture!
 Feeding the birds...
 Ellison and mommy on the carousel
 Mommy and daughter
Before we left the zoo we had to play in the fountains... :)

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