Sunday, May 15, 2011

Our CRAZY weekend recap...

 This past weekend was a whirlwind! On Friday evening we went to a cookout at Connor's boss' house. We enjoyed yummy food and great company. The kids did great and stayed up WAY past their bedtime. On Saturday morning we woke up, took Ellison to dance class and then I headed to the walk in clinic for a sinus infection. I felt pretty rough but luckily they gave me an antibiotic. Well on my way home I got a call from my dear friend, Lori. She and her sweet family have been mentioned in previous posts (aka The Gore Family). We have hung out with this sweet family many times and Ellison is great friends with the 2 daughters (Ella and Hattie). Lori was pregnant with baby brother-Caleb. Well Saturday when she called she was going into labor. So I picked up their girls and they stayed with us from about 11:30am til 7:00pm.

We had SO much fun with them. We played (inside and outside), watched Tangled, went to a birthday party where the girls ran around nonstop for 2 hours! ate some Chik-fila for dinner, took a fun bubble bath (the kids did :) and then their grandmother came to get them. We were so sad to see them go! I was shocked but Connor even said after they pulled out of our driveway that he was hoping the girls were gonna stay over night for a slumber party! Our house was definitely almost too quiet after their visit. We were so glad to help our friends out but we miss those sweet girls! (On a side note baby brother was born...all are well and he is ADORABLE!)
(Mother's Day post is next)
 Ellison, Hattie and Ella playing tea party :)

 Molly Moo's 3rd Birthday party! Tinkerbell was precious!

 I wonder what Ellison is thinking in this picture...
 Ellison, Hattie and Ella at the birthday party
 The party was at this fun indoor family play place called Sodium...there was a stage and dance room set up in the back where the girls escaped to. When we found them they were dancing to the music :)
Ellison and Hattie Lou :)

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