Thursday, June 9, 2011

Charlotte's Web!

After enjoying a fun evening for the grand opening of the Franklin movie theater...Connor and I took Ellison to the first movie that was shown in the new Franklin theater on Saturday morning! The movie shown was Charlotte's Web...a children's classic! Before the movie the city of Franklin had some fun children's activities on Main Street and then they created a time capsule to put underground for the next 75 years right in front of the new theater. What was cool is they had all of the children that were there to stand together for a photograph and that was put in the time capsule. Ellison was in the picture! So if she is around Franklin in 75 years then she could attend the opening of this time capsule (she will be 78 year old! which is too weird to think!). 
Ellison was super excited about the movie, getting popcorn and sitting in the theater seats!
 The 3 of us waiting for the movie to start!
Yay for popcorn and coke!

We had a fun little date with our little lady :) Thank you GJ and Poppy for taking care of little bubby!

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