Thursday, June 16, 2011

Elic is 7 months old!!

Well another month has flown by us! Elic turned 7 months old last week.Our little man is growing up too fast...although I love the stage he is in right now! 
  • He is finally getting the hang of sleeping through the night! He goes to bed around 7 and has been sleeping til 6:30 or 7 in the morning without a peep! He does get up once between 330 and 4am about one night a week.
  • He wears a size 2 diaper and size 6 month clothing! I know he is smaller for his age but I know he is for sure growing!
  • Once again (I say it ALL the time) but he is the happiest little fella I have ever seen. Everywhere we go and everyone we meet they say "he is just SO happy!" He seriously only cries if he is starving (and I mean starving!) or has a tummy/gas problem. 
  • He LOVES eating solids. He has tried pretty much every thing. He eat solids 3 times a day and devours it. He doesn't love drinking formula (he is getting better).
  • He rolls EVERYWHERE (back to belly, belly to back) the little man will start at one end of a room and end up on the other side in no time. I would say he is mobile because I can't leave him alone for more than a second or he either will roll off the bed (he lays on our bed while I get ready in the mornings) or he will roll his way under furniture (I thought I lost him the other day because he had rolled halfway under a couch or he will roll himself to an object that he doesn't need to get his hands on! We are in for it!
  • He is sort of showing signs that he may be a crawler. He pushes up like a champ and pulls his knees in (he actually does some crazy body movement and seems really well toned as far as his muscles go).
  • One thing he still isn't a fan of is sitting up! This drives us crazy...he is totally capable. He will sit up for moments here and there but ultimately he just could care less. He would rather fall over so he can lay and roll. We are working on it!
  • He falls more in love with Ellison every day. She gets him laughing, babbling and squealing with delight all the time!

Elic we love you SO make us smile every time we lay eyes on you. You are the sweetest and most joyful little fella and we are so blessed that you are ours :)

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