Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fun in the Sun!

We just finished up our second week of summer break! It went by so fast! I am watching kids over the summer, there are 2 families that I am working with (one is my best friend-I am watching her sweet kiddos, Ava and Asher and the other family is one I worked with last summer...The Simpson Family who have Olivia, Annie and Theo). I love these 2 families and feel so blessed that I get to spend time with all of them this summer. It is even more special for Ellison because she gets to see and play with her friends!

 Asher, Ellison, Ava and Elic hanging outside doing some finger painting!
 Bubby enjoying the outdoors!
 Sweet girlies...
 Love little Asher :)
Having fun!

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