Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Major catch up!

Goodness! A lot has happened in the past week. I have been out of town since last Friday and just got back yesterday afternoon :) So earlier last week we had our first swim of the summer :) Luckily our new neighbors have a swimming pool and we have become friends. We have been to their house about 3 or 4 times in just over a week to swim. Ellison got right into the water. Last year she was FEARLESS...jumping in without a floaty of any kind, trying to swim under water the girl was a fish. This year she loves swimming WITH her floaty but is totally not interested in going under water. She won't jump in the water unless we hold her hands. She has swim camp next and so I hope it will loosen her up a little more. From what I understand not 1 child has left this particular camp that Ellison is attending without being able to swim on their own. So we will see!

 Ellison and her first swim of the summer!

I don't think they could look any more alike!

Last week Elic turned 7 months old! (I will be doing a 7 month posting for him tomorrow :)

 I feel so bad because I hardly take any pictures of my little man. He is typically strapped into his car seat when we are out and about! And Ellison easily steals the show...
 Elic is still not sitting independently for long amounts of time but we are working on it! I LOVE watching my kiddos play together...

One day last week we went to the pool with some friends. My brother was in town so he came with us which was nice because it was another set of eyes and hands to keep on 5 children (plus 2 babies) :) This was also Elic's first time in the water. He LOVED it. He just splashed away until we took him out. Ellison really enjoyed playing with her friends (Hattie, Ella, Drews and Kate). We can't wait for another pool play date!

 Bubby checking the water out...
 He is so sweet...
 Uncle GoGo and Elic
 Ellison being silly...
 Hattie, Ellison and Ella
 My little sun bathing beauty!
 Uncle GoGo with his niece and newphew...
 Mommy with the kiddos!
 Brother and Sister picture :)

So this past weekend I left my sweet hubby, Elic & Ellison and headed to Pasadena, California. I joined the rest of my family to attend a black tie reception honoring my Uncle into his new position as Executive Medical Director of Kaiser Permanente for all of Orange County!

I left Friday and came back yesterday afternoon. First of all thank you to my hubby for being so wonderful while I was gone. He was Mr. Mom and did a fantastic job! They stayed busy while I was gone, Ellison had her last dance class, they went to a birthday party, ate lunch with Granddaddy and Jen then our dear friends (The Ogle Family) had them over for dinner to their house Saturday night. Then Sunday, Connor took the kids to go swimming with Aunt Sarah and Danny. The kids had a slumber party with Sarah and Danny on Sunday night so Connor could study. The kids did AWESOME while I was gone. I missed them SO much and was so glad to get back to them.

I mentioned Connor had to study...for the last month he has been studying every night for his LARE (not sure what it stands for) it is his landscape architect licensing exam. He has already passed 3 of the 5 sections. He took the last 2 sections yesterday and today. Please keep him in your thoughts and hope for 2 passes so he can be done with it all! He totally deserves it!

Last night Ellison said she was studying for her test just like daddy (she was really just coloring :)

I will do a separate post about my trip to California. I am waiting for my mom to send me pictures from the weekend. All I can say is it was a wonderful and special time that I had with my family. I am SO blessed I was able to go and share in such wonderful celebrations with people I love most!

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