Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pirate Camp!

This past week Ellison stayed busy with an art camp I signed her up for. It was called Camp Abrakadoodle and the theme was Pirates! Ellison's little friend, Marin, signed up as well so we carpooled together. Ellison LOVED it! She was the youngest in the class (as well as Marin) and the teacher said she was the best listener, following directions and kept right up with the big kids. It was 4 days long (2.5 hours each morning). I love the fact that Ellison enjoyed it so much and I would be lying if I didn't admit I loved having some time to myself for 4 mornings in a row to get things done! It is amazing what all I accomplished! This past week we also went swimming with friends one afternoon and ate lunch with Aunt Heather. I got some successful shopping done at my favorite consignment sale in Franklin (Little Sprouts). I also enjoyed a girls dinner with some of my favorite mommy friends to celebrate Lori's birthday! It was a great week for everyone :)

Ellison and her great friend Marin after Pirate Camp...AAARRRRR!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Evening swim :)

This past Saturday late afternoon our friends'...The Pullen Family invited us over to their neighborhood pool to swim. It was SO much fun! We got there around 4ish and stayed til 6. There was hardly anyone there and it felt so great outside. Ellison and Marin played hard! These 2 girls swam like mermaids...literally. No both are fantastic swimmers and needed no assistance. Towards the last 30 minutes we were there I think they got pretty worn out and decided to just play in the baby pool. Elic and Clara had fun too! Elic loves the water and has had many swim/pool visits. Aren't these two pretty cute together...

 Love them both! I see a future girlfriend for Elic ;)
 Precious Elic and Clara...
 Ellison and Marin playing at the pool...
 Great friends :)
Bubby got tired and decided to just lay and watch his big sister and Marin play...

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Day!

This past Saturday we loaded up the kids and headed to the zoo for Ice Day! It is just a fun event that is held during the hot month of July! They give our free ice cream, have water activities and even place ice sculptures and balls of ice in the animal cages/displays for the animals to play with and eat. I took Ellison last year by myself (Connor was out of town) AND I was 6 months pregnant. This year Elic AND daddy got to go with us :)

 Happy boy!
 Cooling down with the flamingos!
 Bubby staying cool in the stroller...
 Ellison going down the water slide!
 Daddy lathered him up good with sunscreen :)
 Getting ready to go down the slide again...and again...and again :)
A zoo trip wouldn't be complete without stopping to play in the fountains!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Thirty One!

I recently signed up to be a Thirty One Gifts Consultant! I became "official" last week and received my enrollment kit! If you are interested in hosting a Thirty One party please feel free to contact me and/or if you want to do some shopping from our brand NEW Fall catalog (new products and patterns) then let me know!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Friends and Rock Band!

Last weekend our dear friends invited us over for dinner. We have decided to have these family dinners together because they are full of FUN! All of the girls play SO well together. They dressed up, put on a show for us on the patio, we had breakfast for dinner and then we all played Rock Band on the Wii! It was a night full of laughter, singing, being silly, staying up way past bedtimes and most importantly just having FUN!
 The girls performing on the patio!
 The girls twirling and dancing!
 Ellison with her thinking face...
 Ellison and Hattie waiting for their turn to perform
 Rock out with ROCK BAND! Ellison and Hattie singing backup and Ms. Lori grooving...

 Mr. Blake on the base and Connor playing drums with Ella
 Rock on!
Rock out Ms. Lori!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Zoo Daze...

So last week I watched my best friend's kiddos ALL week long :) I love these 2 precious kids...I treat them like they are my own. We had a fun week together. We went to Monkey's Treehouse to play one day, we went to the park and story time at the library, we played and had lunch at McDonald's, we played at a fun place called Shipwrecked but my favorite thing we did was go to the zoo! People thought I was pretty insane to battle the zoo with 4 kiddos all under the age of 5 in 100 degree weather. It truly was such a smooth outing and the kids had a blast! Here are pictures to prove it :)

 Ellison and Ava checking out the monkeys!
 In the reptile house...
 Watching the ducks...
 Ava and Ellison petting and brushing the goats
 My love bug!
 LOVE these kids...
 Riding the carousel...Elic was snoozing in the stroller...

 Are they not so sweet?!
 Playing in the fountains!
Having so much fun together!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elic is 8 months old!

 I know this post is way over due! Earlier this month Elic turned 8 months old! I cannot believe it...before I know it we will be having his 1st birthday party. It is so bittersweet because there are so many things I cannot wait to see him do and learn but there are so many things I wish he weren't doing yet because it makes me realize he is growing up! We had somewhat of a rough month with our little man. He got sick for the first time with a really bad virus (almost ended up in the hospital) but all of his blood work came back clear so that was a relief. However this virus never fully ran its course because at the end of every week for the past month Elic has spiked a temp and the right side of his neck has swelled up from his lymph node. We finally took him to the doctor this past Friday (we would have before but the fever would only last 24 hours and then be gone). Luckily the doctor said his lymph node was infected and put him on a antibiotic to rid the infection. We have been on it for about 4 days and the lymph node has changed is pretty much back to normal. Elic is sleeping through the night again and acts like his usual happy and full of smiles self :)

These are some of the things our precious son has been doing lately...

  • You are finally sitting up independently. I wasn't sure if it would ever happen, especially when thinking of Ellison who was doing it at 5 months old. (I know I can't compare but it is a little hard not to). 
  • We retired your infant bath tub and you now take a bath like a big boy. We keep the water shallow and you LOVE it. You adore splashing your little hands and arms in the water and chewing on the bath toys!
  • You have 2 bottom teeth in and I have a feeling more are coming. You put anything you can get your hands on directly into your mouth!
  • You love eating your have them 3 times a day and bottles in between. You have also started munching on puffs and you love them. 
  • We were at the park the other day and you tried out the swing for the first time! Once again you loved it and smiled the whole time you were in it. 
  • You aren't crawling but my goodness I feel like you may take off any day now. I call you mobile because you will roll and manuever your body all around a room within seconds. You are definitely a handful!
  • You have started making more sounds and you say "da-da" ALL the time...of course this makes your daddy VERY happy :)
  • You are consistently sleeping through the night. Your bedtime is at 7pm and you wake up between 6 and 6:30am.
  • You love your sister more and more each day. The way you light up when you see her first thing in the morning and laugh at anything she does melts my heart. I love watching the two of you together...

We love you sweet Elic!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Swim fun!

So since Ellison completed her swim lessons at the wonderful and amazing Camp Nickajack...we have been swimming non-stop. My parents got a membership to their pool this summer so we decided to try it out last weekend! Well they had a water slide which made the place a HUGE hit for Ellison. She went down the water slide at swim camp and I remember thinking she will probably never do that again. Well (I am not lying when I say...) she went on the water slide at my parents' pool about 50 times. She would go down, land in the water, swim to one of us-take a breather, then swim to the ladder and go again. She was by far the smallest and youngest kid going down this huge slide...with NO FLOATIES and SWIMMING! Yes I am still bragging on my 3 year old daughter...or Little Mermaid I should say :)

 Waiting to go down!
 SO much fun!
 Swimming with Poppy...
 Bubby and GJ...he LOVED splashing in the water!
 Look at that big slide!
 Landing in the water...
 Going down...again :)
 Grandparents with their grandbabies...
 Mommy and the kiddos...
 Love my little man...
Swimming from Poppy to the ladder...