Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Elic is 8 months old!

 I know this post is way over due! Earlier this month Elic turned 8 months old! I cannot believe it...before I know it we will be having his 1st birthday party. It is so bittersweet because there are so many things I cannot wait to see him do and learn but there are so many things I wish he weren't doing yet because it makes me realize he is growing up! We had somewhat of a rough month with our little man. He got sick for the first time with a really bad virus (almost ended up in the hospital) but all of his blood work came back clear so that was a relief. However this virus never fully ran its course because at the end of every week for the past month Elic has spiked a temp and the right side of his neck has swelled up from his lymph node. We finally took him to the doctor this past Friday (we would have before but the fever would only last 24 hours and then be gone). Luckily the doctor said his lymph node was infected and put him on a antibiotic to rid the infection. We have been on it for about 4 days and the lymph node has changed tremendously...it is pretty much back to normal. Elic is sleeping through the night again and acts like his usual happy and full of smiles self :)

These are some of the things our precious son has been doing lately...

  • You are finally sitting up independently. I wasn't sure if it would ever happen, especially when thinking of Ellison who was doing it at 5 months old. (I know I can't compare but it is a little hard not to). 
  • We retired your infant bath tub and you now take a bath like a big boy. We keep the water shallow and you LOVE it. You adore splashing your little hands and arms in the water and chewing on the bath toys!
  • You have 2 bottom teeth in and I have a feeling more are coming. You put anything you can get your hands on directly into your mouth!
  • You love eating your solids...you have them 3 times a day and bottles in between. You have also started munching on puffs and you love them. 
  • We were at the park the other day and you tried out the swing for the first time! Once again you loved it and smiled the whole time you were in it. 
  • You aren't crawling but my goodness I feel like you may take off any day now. I call you mobile because you will roll and manuever your body all around a room within seconds. You are definitely a handful!
  • You have started making more sounds and you say "da-da" ALL the time...of course this makes your daddy VERY happy :)
  • You are consistently sleeping through the night. Your bedtime is at 7pm and you wake up between 6 and 6:30am.
  • You love your sister more and more each day. The way you light up when you see her first thing in the morning and laugh at anything she does melts my heart. I love watching the two of you together...

We love you sweet Elic!


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Precious, precious..........GJ

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don't be shy show me your dinky