Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ice Day!

This past Saturday we loaded up the kids and headed to the zoo for Ice Day! It is just a fun event that is held during the hot month of July! They give our free ice cream, have water activities and even place ice sculptures and balls of ice in the animal cages/displays for the animals to play with and eat. I took Ellison last year by myself (Connor was out of town) AND I was 6 months pregnant. This year Elic AND daddy got to go with us :)

 Happy boy!
 Cooling down with the flamingos!
 Bubby staying cool in the stroller...
 Ellison going down the water slide!
 Daddy lathered him up good with sunscreen :)
 Getting ready to go down the slide again...and again...and again :)
A zoo trip wouldn't be complete without stopping to play in the fountains!

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