Saturday, July 2, 2011

Little Mermaid! (warning-picture overload!)

So a little over a week ago Ellison officially completed her first experience at Camp Nickajack! It was a HUGE success! I have to admit I was nervous at first but after seeing how excited she was each day to go and then what I saw her do during the parent show I was honestly sad knowing we would have to wait til next summer to do it again!

Ellison was going off the diving board and swimming to the ladder with no assistance, going down a huge water slide, was gently tossed in and swam to the side...she even DOVE! It was crazy, I almost am still in shock with everything she is doing. Her nickname at the camp was Little Mermaid and whenever I take her swimming now she says "Mommy I am not Ellison I am Little Mermaid!" However she only wants to be called that when we are at the pool :) She also LOVEs Mr Burt, her swim teacher. The other day she was telling me something he taught her then said "Mommy I love Mr. Burt, he is my best friend :)"

 Jumping in!
 Swimming to Mr. Burt
 Going down the water slide...
 She had to land in the water and swim directly to one of her teachers in the middle of the pool with no assistance...
 Kick, kick, kick
 Getting gently tossed in then swims directly to the ladder
 Getting ready dive...
 Jumping off the diving board then swims to Mr. Burt...
 Waiting for instructions with her class...
 Waiting in line for the races :)
 Ellison and her friend Lillian (they were the youngest in the whole camp!)
 Super excited for her turn!
 Miss Serious
 SO proud of her...
 Mr. Burt being funny
 Jumping to Mr. Burt...
 Swimming a LONG way!
 Ellison with Mr. Burt (her BFF :)
Thank you so much MeMac for signing Ellison up for Camp Nickajack! We can't wait for next summer!

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