Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Summer in a nutshell...(so far :)

Ok so since Camp Nickajack ended we have had a BUSY time! To back up a bit during the week Ellison was at swim camp, little Elic came down with a VERY nasty virus. After what we thought was just teething (little fussy and low grade fever) we ended up at the pediatrician twice. During one of the visits he had blood cultures done, catheters to check his urine, was a long morning for mommy and Elic. I am glad to say that everything came back clear and he is back to his normal, happy and SMILEY self :) I do want to thank our pediatrician again, he is just amazing and makes us feel so comforted.

*If anyone is looking for a pediatrician or practice in Franklin, TN I would highly recommend Harpeth Pediatrics! We see Dr. Andy Huss!
Ok so we first of all we welcomed two new members to our family...
Meet Alex and Andre (names given by Ellison :) She is in love and has been spending a lot of time being their "mommy." I mean look at the poor things!
We have been swimming at our neighbors house a lot...they have such a nice pool and outdoor area. Plus they are SO sweet. One evening we took the kids over there, Ellison and Connor swam while I had a glass of wine with Ms. Teresa (our neighbor) and Elic hung out in his exersaucer.
Ellison has been swimming NON-STOP since Camp Nickajack ended...I am glad that she is so in to it!
Swimming to the ladder...
Daddy and Ellison :)
Bubby cheering his sissy on and blowing bubbles!
The swim star!

Ok so I realize I have WAY more picture of my daughter than I do my son...I did click these below of him while he was playing on the floor one day recently. I honestly am SO in love with him. He melts my heart with those eyes and SMILE!

I am SO thankful and blessed!

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