Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pirate Camp!

This past week Ellison stayed busy with an art camp I signed her up for. It was called Camp Abrakadoodle and the theme was Pirates! Ellison's little friend, Marin, signed up as well so we carpooled together. Ellison LOVED it! She was the youngest in the class (as well as Marin) and the teacher said she was the best listener, following directions and kept right up with the big kids. It was 4 days long (2.5 hours each morning). I love the fact that Ellison enjoyed it so much and I would be lying if I didn't admit I loved having some time to myself for 4 mornings in a row to get things done! It is amazing what all I accomplished! This past week we also went swimming with friends one afternoon and ate lunch with Aunt Heather. I got some successful shopping done at my favorite consignment sale in Franklin (Little Sprouts). I also enjoyed a girls dinner with some of my favorite mommy friends to celebrate Lori's birthday! It was a great week for everyone :)

Ellison and her great friend Marin after Pirate Camp...AAARRRRR!

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Love all the pictures.........gj