Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Summer fun with friends...

So far we have had LOTS of summer fun with friends :) I have clicked pictures here and there so I thought I would post some...
We have spent a ton of mornings and afternoons at the pool with our is Ellison and her best buddy Ava sun bathing :)
Chillin at the pool
Waiting her turn to swim with Mr. Doug
Friends at the pool (with Asher, Ava and Marin)
Had to click some kind of photo of bubby!
Playing at Pinkerton with Ava
These guys are our bestest buddies...Ava, Ellison and Asher (they spend a lot of time together, they don't have a choice really since their mom and me are best friends :)
These 2 act like sisters...they love each other one minute and butt heads the next! They totally love each other even through the hard times :)
The 3 Musketeers!
These 2 crack me up...

They love each other :)

Young Love!
We are so thankful for wonderful friends!

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