Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beach Trip 2011!

This past week we went on vacation with my family to the beach at Bald Head Island, NC! My uncles have a house there. It was wonderful and went by way too fast :( We drove the kids 10+ hours each way...the kids were incredible, honestly. Going there we drove through the night and both kiddos slept the whole way. On the way home we left right after lunch time. They both stayed awake for the first 4 hours and were super happy. Elic fell asleep and Ellison was content watching movies. She finally gave up and fell asleep the last 4 hours of the trip (we got home at 1am).

We did SO much during our trip. We had tons of beach time (building sand castles, sand monters, burying people, playing in the waves, collecting sea shells, taking walks, we went swimming at the clubhouse pool, went on a nature trails, saw an alligator, went crabbing, went fishing, had yummy meals, played games/cards, had ice cream, ate popsicles...the list of activities is endless!). One of the best surprises was that my uncles set up a treasure hunt for Ellison on the beach. They made a treasure map and buried a treasure chest that had treasures in it (dress up jewelry, a little money, princess wands..etc.) Ellison thought it was the coolest thing!

Members of my family came in and out throughout the week we were there. Ellison had 2 awesome buddies that kept her SO busy (Matt and Grace her cousins). I have about 300 photos from the trip so I will try my best to narrow them all down.

Thank you to my uncles for providing us with a wonderful vacation...we love you guys so much! We can't wait to go back!

I have decided I am going to post pictures over the next few days...here is the first round :)

 First day on the beach!
 Uncle GUE and Elic
 Daddy and Ellison
 Family photo on the beach...
 Mommy and Elic
 Bubby loving the beach
Notice Elic putting chunks of sand in his mouth!

 Father and son...
 Ellison buried Matt!
 View from the docks while crabbing...
 Ellison fishing with daddy and Matt
 Bubby was too tired to help with crabbing
 Ellison crabbing...
 Love her
 We had so much fun crabbing. We caught 12 within 30 minutes...here Grace, Connor, Matt and Ellison were hard at work catching the crabbies!
 Fishing with daddy
 Our bucket of crabs!
Sister and bubby :)

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Darius Cartmell said...

I remember those days as a child when the whole family went to the beach to enjoy the summer sunlight and have a picnic. It has been our family tradition to go out every year to have fun, and we still do it today.