Sunday, August 14, 2011

Elic is 9 months old!

Oh my goodness I cannot believe my precious baby boy is 9 months old! We will be planning his first birthday party here soon. I feel like he has changed a ton this past month. He still is seriously the happiest and most smiley baby EVER. No matter where we are or who we see he is so flirty and catches everyone's attention with his beautiful eyes and smile. I am blessed with two wonderful children!

Here are a few new things that Elic is doing at 9 months...

- He is starting to eat finger foods! He loves everything I have given him so far (bananas, avocado, watermelon, peas, rice, carrots, cheese)

- He is officially mobile. He does an army crawl but he can get across the room in NO time. We have our hands full! I am so thankful because Ellison is a HUGE help. She will pick up things off the floor that are too little for Elic to be around (in case of choking). She keeps an eye on him for me :)

- He is way more vocal...making LOTS of sounds. We are working on some sign language and he will dada.

- He loves blowing raspberries and spitting. He thinks it is hilarious!

- He had his first beach trip and it was a huge hit! He immediately will grab fists full of sand and shove it in his mouth then spit it out with a big smile. He also enjoyed splashing in the water.

- He has two top teeth and two bottom teeth in...there are more coming in on top!

- He will officially start school on Monday (I am super sad because I have been with him full time for the past 9 months!) but I know he will love it and I LOVE his teachers :)

- We go to the doctor for his 9 month check next week so I will update his stats after our appointment!

We love you SO much Elic! You make us happier than you will every come to know :)

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Such a sweetie.........GJ