Saturday, August 27, 2011

Last round of beach pictures!

Mama can fish too :)
Having some hubby/wife time :)
Self portrait!
My uncles did the cutest thing...they made a treasure map for Ellison and buried a treasure box for her...
She was SO into it!
Looking at the map trying to figure out where to start shoveling
GUE is helping her...
Start digging!
I see it!
 Look at the treasures!
 She was SO proud of herself...
 Ellison with us and the Pasadena crew :)
 Being silly on the ferry
 Waiting to load up!
 Lunch at Eb and Flo's
 My precious little pirate...
 He is too cute to be a mean pirate...
 Napping on the beach

 Uncle GoGo and Elic

 Daddy and his sand creation...

 I love this...

 Swimming at the clubhouse
 My sweet Ellison

So blessed!

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Anonymous said...

We are blessed. Precious moments. GJ