Thursday, September 1, 2011

Back to school...

So last week was our first week back to school! I am so blessed to be able to work at the same place my children attend school. Elic is in the classroom directly across the hall from mine so I can peep on him whenever I want to abd even sneak in to give him some kisses :) I LOVE his teachers (Ms. Allyson, Ms. Lori and Ms. Kris). I know he is in the best care and gets spoiled with love all day! Ellison is upstairs in the older 3 year old class. She LOVES it, a lot of her friends from last year are with her again this year (including her favorites...Molly, Hattie and Marin). Her teacher is Ms. Beth and Ellison adores her! She came home and can already recognize the letter A, she traced it perfectly and made a prayer pocket that was filled with names of people she wanted to say prayers for (it was the sweetest thing!).

Also this year I am teaching Pre-K for the very first time! I was super nervous about it but after finishing almost 2 whole weeks I really do enjoy it. My class is great and my kiddos are super sweet. I am blessed with a wonderful first class :) I cannot believe that Ellison will be in Pre-K next year then off to kindergarten she goes :(

Ellison, Hattie, Ella and Marin at Open House!
Home from Open her face painted!
My two precious babies on the first day of school!
Look at my big boy!
My sweet Ellison!
Coudl she be any more grown up?!
Put her stuff up at her hook and ready to go in the classroom!
Ellison and her teacher Ms. Beth!
Elic with 2 of his teachers, Ms. Lori and Ms. Kris! (Ms. Allyson wasn't there)

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