Thursday, September 8, 2011

Soccer Star!

Ellison has started her first soccer season! She had her very first soccer practice 2 weeks ago and has her very first soccer game this Saturday morning! I have to be honest...the girl loved it and sort of looks like she knows what she is doing :) She has 2 of her little friends on her team (Marin and Lillian). These sweet girls look SO cute running around on the field with the gear on and kicking the ball. I am SO excited about her first game this weekend! Here are some photos of her first practice :)

 Lillian, Marin and Ellison
 Her team talking with Coach Brad
 Doing some drills...

 She was so cute, everytime she kicked the ball in the goal she would throw her arms up and do a victory run :)
 Doing more drills with Marin...
 Action shot!
 Clara and Bubby cheering on their big sisters!
 Love my little soccer star!
Ellison and her buddy Marin after practice!

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