Friday, October 14, 2011

Disney on Ice!

First of all, I just cannot get caught up! Time is not my friend, my babies are growing up too quick, I am falling behind on EVERYTHING and I admit it, I want a mommy time out! We have school/work 4 days a week, soccer practice on Mondays, play dates after school, dinners and fun with friends on the weekends, family events, soccer games on Saturdays...we are always on the go but I truly love every minute. Last Thursday night, Connor and I took Ellison to go see Disney on Ice. We wanted to take her out (just us) to spend some quality time with her. Thank you MeMac for watching Elic! Ellison had a BLAST and didn't want it to end. Her favorite part was the $12.00 cotton candy that she took literally 2 bites of (it came with a Nemo hat), her princess wand (soveneir) and when the princesses came out to skate. We enjoyed having some time with our favorite girl :) (sorry these first 2 photos are random!)

 My and my soccer star!
 Satarting to strut our Halloween/Fall attire!
 At Disney on Ice...waiting for it to start!
 Our $12 cotton candy (thank goodness the Nemo hat was included)
 All of the characters during the finale...
 Ellison waving to everyone
 The princesses and princes doing their performance...
We love spending time with the sweetest little girl...

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Anonymous said...

so much fun! love it.