Friday, October 21, 2011

Once upon a Saturday...

So this post is from 2 Saturdays ago :) We had a very busy day! We had Ellison's soccer pictures followed by a game. The little pictures turned out SO cute. I love that Ellison enjoys soccer so much. We will definitely be playing again in the Spring and might do gymnastics too!

Ellison's Team
Our sweet girl...

It was a special game because Connor got to coach for the first half because Coach Brad was late. Connor did an awesome job and there were a couple of goals scored under his leadership :)
Giving the team a pep talk!

Ellison taking it to the goal!

Ellison's team won!

After the soccer game we loaded up and went to Connor's family farm for a yummy lunch and visit with his dad's side of the family! It was a gorgeous day. We really enjoyed being with family, exploring the land/property that a lot of Connor's family grew up on. We walked around the property and saw the remains of the house that Connor's great grandfather lived.
Ellison and her cousin Lee swinging on the porch at the farm...

Photo Op on the bails of hay!
Bo, Lee, Ellison and daddy
Riding on Danny's shoulders while checking out the property
Bubby and daddy
My sweet big girl!
Family shot at the farm...
Can't forget about this sweet face :)
Another cool thing we did was visit the gravesite where Connor's great grandfather was buried (this relative is where Elic got his name...Eli Alexander)...
Father and son
Ellison being cute...
3 generations...
We are so blessed!

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