Saturday, November 12, 2011

Last soccer game!

 Last Saturday was a special day! It was Ellison's last soccer game of the season. I will be honest the girl is meant to play soccer, at least while she is young. She may grow out of it but we will definitely be signing her up again in the Spring to play. She loves it! We enjoyed meeting some sweet girls and their parents as well as a great coach. We will be requesting Coach Brad in the Spring for sure! Granddaddy, Jen Mama and my brother (Uncle GoGo) all came to watch Ellison's last game. She was thrilled because she even got her first trophy! Now we need to figure out what we will be doing on Saturday mornings!

 Coach Brad giving the girls a farewell!

 Thumbs up with her trophy!

 Thumbs up with granddaddy and Jen Mama :)

 She is a bit obsessed with thumbs up... ;)

 And Uncle GoGo!

Mommy, daddy, bubby and the soccer queen!

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Fun season!