Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cheekwood with GJ and Poppy!

This past Saturday my parents took Ellison to Cheekwood for some Santa and Christmas fun! They had SO much fun together. She decorated cookies, made an ornament and fun little festive bag. Cookies and art crafts are right up her ally. Then they walked around to look at all of the trains which was pretty cool! Thank you so much GJ and Poppy for taking Ellison and having so much fun...she loved it!

 Decorating her cookie
 Some of the trains...
 With Poppy watching the trains...
 GJ, Poppy and Ellison
 Look at all the fun stuff she got to do!
 I love this picture of my sweet girl...
 Putting some glue on her bag...
 Decorating with GJ
 Eating her yummy cookie!

Having so much fun!

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