Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Eve night....

After spending the day of Christmas Eve in Columbia we left all dressed in our holiday best to attend Christmas Eve service at our church. The kids did great! Luckily Elic took a great nap at granddaddy and Jen's house so he was rested up. We only put the kiddos in childcare during the sermon then brought them back up to sit with us for singing Christmas carols and the candle lighting. Ellison even held her own candle this year, she was so proud of herself :)

Last year we started our own family tradition where after church service, we swing by a yummy asian bistro place down the street from our house and pick up take out, we drive around a local neighborhood to check our Christmas lights then head home to eat dinner, set out milk and cookies, read A Polar Express and head to bed :)
We carried on the same tradition this year except when we got home the kids discovered this...
 Our Elf, Nomes, left the kiddos a present before heading back to the North Pole til next Christmas!
(We decided to start this as another Christmas tradition-this being the first year for it- Nomes will leave the kids their special pair of Christmas pajamas to wear Christmas Eve night :)
 Ellison loved her pajamas and loves Nomes!
 Our cuties in their Christmas pajamas from Nomes! Thanks Nomes...see you next year!
 Leaving out cookies, carrots and milk with a hint of cocoa (the was Ellison's request) for Santa!
 Reading The Polar Express with daddy (Elic was there but crawling around the floor :)

After the kiddos went to bed Connor and I got busy! We had 24 cardboard blocks to put together, an easel to assemble and a Pottery Barn Kids Anywhere Chair to put together!
 I guess our kiddos were pretty darn good this year :) We definitely had a couple of doubting moments!
 Ellison's stash of goodies...
Elic's stash of goodies...

Mommy, daddy and the doodles were pretty good too :)

Merry Christmas Eve!

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