Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas has started early!

 Christmas has started early this year for our kiddos! Our overall holiday plans are new for us this year so we had an early Christmas celebration with Connor's mom and siblings at our house this past Sunday. We made homemade sushi rolls (it was SO yummy) had some fun drinks (green tea martinis), played games and the kids opened a couple of gifts! Elic was a little under the weather so he went to bed early but Ellison loved spending time with everyone and being the center of attention!
 Opening her first Christmas gift...

 We loves dress up!
 A play pizza...we have already played a ton with it!
 Bubby and his super cute shirt!
 Aunt Sarah and Uncle Danny
 Aunt Heather
 Miss Diva
 Our sushi spread...thank you Connor!
Ellison of course did not eat any sushi but she really enjoyed creating her own roll!

Thank you Uncle Ben, Aunt Heather, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Danny and MeMac for coming over to celebrate!

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Ellen said...

The last picture of Ellison is precious!!! Both of your kids are just adorable! I just wish we didn't live 2000 miles apart so we could see ya'll more! Miss you so much and hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Love you!