Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Gingerbread house :)

My Pre-K class at school made gingerbread houses last week as one of our Christmas activities. Well needless to say there was enough for one extra house so I decided to take it home and decorate with Ellison. She has a tradition of doing this with my parents every Christmas but she loves it so much (and it make a really cute table centerpiece so I thought lets do it again!). We put on our Christmas aprons, bought some icing, candy and had lots of fun. I think Ellison enjoyed eating the gummi bears more than anything!

 We have everything ready to decorate!
 Icing is done
 Decorating with lots of yummy candy!

 Her sweet little hand putting on some sprinkles...
 The finished product...mommy/daughter F-U-N!
 My little cook in her cute apron with our gingerbread house!
The finished house :)

Love making holiday memories!

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