Saturday, December 10, 2011

Holiday catch up!

These past few weeks since Thanksgiving have flown by! I cannot believe Christmas is less than 2 weeks away. We have been busy wrapping up things at school. This is our last week and then we are out for 3+ weeks :) We have been trying to get lots of use of our holiday attire. Ellison has a Christmas program at school plus Christmas parties! We have been wrapping presents, attending work holiday parties and we have already had a small Christmas celebration with some of Connor's family! I still have a little shopping to do and we are visiting the big man on Friday! Here are some random photos taken the past couple of weeks...

 Hanging out in mommies classroom before school...don't you love her shirt!
 Bubby has a matching one of course...
 Ellison and all of her friends at school practicing for the Christmas program...

 Jingle Bells!
 So Elic is obsessed with being pushed in his firetruck...this is what he does when nobody will push him! Pitiful!
We went to Dicken's in downtown Franklin, it was COLD! We only got one picture which is totally not like me :) Oh is better than none!

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