Sunday, December 25, 2011

The last couple of days before Christmas!

Technically Christmas is almost over (in about 2 hours :) It truly flew by for us....before I do a mile long Christmas Eve and Christmas Day post, I thought I would do a few fun photos and events we were busy with a few days leading up to Christmas. As you saw in the last post we took the kiddos to visit Santa, afterwards we let the kids play in the mall play area for a bit...
 Bubby enjoyed the mall play area as much as Ellison did!

I helped take care of my friends 2 girls last Thursday. I decided to brave the rainy weather, borrowed my mom's van and took the 4 kiddos to Monkey's Treehouse to play all morning! It was fun but exhausting...the kids were so well behaved, the hard part was it was pretty much watching two sets of twins (one set being the age of 3 1/2 and the other set being the age of 1). Marin and Ellison were very independent however Clara and Elic were mobile but Clara just started walking and Elic doesn't walk but he loves to climb! It was a busy morning :)
 Bubby playing!
 Ellison and Marin kept each other entertained for 2 hours!
 Elic on the slides!
 Are they not adorable?!

 The color/art station...
 Playing "Super Girls" at Marin's house
 Sweet friends!

This past Friday night (right before Christmas Eve) we had some friends over for dinner! Can I just say how blessed I am that my hubby actually enjoys cooking and totally rocks it! He made a homemade chocolate chess pie and homemade was YUM-E! Thanks babe!

 My chef :)

I wanted to post the picture below...I know you may be familiar with Pinterest and if not then watch out because a new addiction is headed your way! I have made like several hundred "pins" but have yet to actually recreate any of them except for this...
 I LOVED this idea for displaying Christmas cards...I wrapped a ribbon around each cabinet door (secured it with tape on the inner side of the door) then used small clothes pins to pin up the cards! This will definitely be our display each Christmas!

On Christmas Eve morning, Ellison and I have a tradition of making cookies for Santa! This year we made Peppermint Melt Away Cookies...they were a huge hit and so delicious!
 Ellison unwrapping the peppermints...

This year we got really into setting up our Elf (Nomes) and Ellison loved to wake up every morning in search of where Nomes would be stationed for the day! On Christmas Eve morning (the last day for Nomes to visit this year) we found him doing this...
 Taking a bubble bath in totally cracked Ellison up!

The yummy cookies we made for Santa!

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Love, love, love the holiday season. We are so blessed. GJ