Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry Christmas morning (long post and lots of photos :)

The kids surprisingly slept in Christmas morning til about 7:30 (they are usually up at 6:30)! We had to make Ellison wait very patiently to go downstairs so we could change Elic's diaper and give him some milk.

 Ellison waiting very patiently to go downstairs!
 We had to get a brother/sister photo :)

 I love this picture of Ellison because it shows pure excitement!

 Elic loved his blocks!
 This was Ellison saying "it is exactly what I wanted!" she said this for just about everything she got :)
 Bubby LOVES blocks! He got big cardboard building blocks from Santa and fun bristle blocks from his big sister :)
 Elic adn Ellison exchanged their gifts for each other :) Bristle blocks for Elic and a mermaid puzzle for Ellison!
 Of course Ellison got some more dress up clothes :)
 Bubby with all of his goodies...
cardboard blocks
bristle blocks
PB Anywhere Chair
clothes from Mini Boden and GapKids
The Lion King
Personalized plate
Labels for his bottles and sippy cups
personalized water bottle
 Ellison trying out her new sleeping bag! She cannot wait to go camping again with her daddy!
 Elic with his new water bottle/thermos and labels for his stuff!
 Ellison opening a gift from her earrings!
 Bubby trying out his new chair, he likes it!
 Ellison with her goodies...
paint easel
sleeping bag
Candy Land
mermaid puzzle
Princess play hair set
Snow White dress
personalized water bottle
The DVD Cinderella
Art accessories
 Daddy was good too! He got a Kindle Fire!
 Elic playing in the tent the kids got from MeMac
 Mommy trying to climb through the tunnel but got stuck :)
 Mommy and her babes on Christmas morning!
Daddy and his girl...

Next more Christmas celebration with my family!

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