Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Our weeks have been jam packed! Besides typical school/work/gymnastics/playdate etc. my brother was in town last week visiting so we spent a little time with him. Last Friday Ellison had Giggle Girls and it was themed with a Pajama Party! She loved it and had so much fun. Plus it gave me 2.5 hours to run errands with just one child instead of two.
Ellison at gymnastics with her dear friend Marin!

 Getting ready for Giggle Girls in her pajamas!
 She insisted on doing a silly pose :)

However last Friday night Ellison came down with a horrible stomach bug. She threw up 8 times with several hours. It was awful and made for a VERY long night. I seriously think I did about 10 loads of laundry between bedding, stuff animals, burpies, towels, wash clothes, etc. Luckily she was totally fine starting early Saturday morning. 

So one of Connor's friends from high school came over ALL day Saturday and ALL day Sunday to help Connor work on our master bath renovation. All I can say is these two make a fabulous team because they pretty much knocked out all of the tiling. All that is left of our huge redo is to grout and hang the shower door. It looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! A total turn around to what it was before. I will post pictures once we have a final product. So with all of that being said I had the kiddos to keep entertained pretty much the whole entire weekend. Of course I love and adore my babies but as many of you know it is a exhausting job! I actually had a helping hand, Chris's wife (Chris is the friend that helped Connor) hung out with me and the kiddos while the boys worked. Ellison LOVED hanging out with her. Tracy was a trooper to stick with us for about 15+ hours. W are blessed to have crossed paths with Chris and Tracy! 
We had school yesterday, gymnastics last night then I got hit with the stomach bug. I had a rough night but feel better this morning. I will be hanging at home while the kids are at school. I have to admit it will be nice to catch a little "me time." 
We have a really busy weekend coming up and next week is even crazier (I think we have something going on every day and night starting Saturday til the next Friday)...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A family Sunday!

We have had a very low key weekend for once! On Friday the kids and I met up with some friends for a play date at Chik-Fila...we all had a blast and spent over 2 hours there. On Friday night we had some new friends come over for dinner. They don't have kids but they fit right into our chaos! We had such a fun time and definitely will be getting together again...thanks Tracy and Chris!

Yesterday we were L-A-Z-Y...meaning we seriously didn't get out of our pajamas til 4:30 in the afternoon. We spent the whole day at home and finally after naps Ellison was like "we are we going mommy?" So I got us dressed and headed to the mall to just walk around and let the kids play in their indoor play area. They had fun and got some energy out. We headed home, ate dinner then put the kiddos down for bed time.
This morning we woke up, got ready and went to church then headed straight to the zoo. It was a chilly and cloudy day but we decided to go anyway since we had done nothing all weekend. It actually was lots of fun, there was hardly anybody at the zoo which made it kind of nice. We saw the animals, rode the carousel and just took our time! 

 Checking out the reptiles...
 Love these 2 boys :)
 Daddy and the kiddos...
 Elic LOVED watching the reptiles...
 Strolling around...
 Mommy and Ellison at the flamingos...
 Petting the goats!
 Love my sweet girl...
 Little stud
Can't go to the zoo without a ride on the carousel!

I can't say it enough how wonderful it is to have an annual membership at the zoo...it is totally worth it!

It's Pajama Time!

We had a good week at school...it was short because of MLK holiday! Ellison had her first gymnastics class and I totally forgot to snap a picture so I will definitely do that tomorrow :) Ellison had pajama day at school on Wednesday and Thursday since her class was learning about the letter P! They also made pancakes (they brought leftovers down to the Pre-K classrooms which was a treat :) I love Ellison and all of her sweet friends that she has made at school. Some of these girls have been together for the past 2 and some even 3 years! We are so blessed with dear friends (both Ellison and I)...check out my cutie and her buddies :)

 Ellison and her sweet dear friend Marin!
Lucy, Ellison, Molly and Hattie :)

This reminds me of a future college pose...Hattie, Ellison, Marin and Molly!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Every since the rush of Christmas and holiday time has ended I have totally slacked on picture taking and blogging! Lets see here...we started back to school last week. It was busy but overall a pretty smooth transition back. I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of mine yesterday. I also had a fun get together with my friends from work last night...I LOVE the ladies that I work with. I have formed some long lasting friendships and couldn't imagine working anywhere else!
The amazing ladies I work with! Missing a couple though :(

Ellison is doing great! She has her first gymnastics class tonight with her friend Marin at Let It Shine! She is beyond excited. She is doing so great in school. She recognizes almost every letter in the alphabet (she will be looking at a sign, building or book cover and point out each letter that she knows), she can right her name (correctly and in order!), her vocabulary is amazing, her memory and stories totally crack us up...she is just a bundle of entertainment and so smart! 

Elic is doing pretty good...we have had a few issues with constipation but I think we finally have resolved the issues. It has been going on for a couple of months (ever since he started drinking whole milk). He is also teething...poor guy can't catch a break! And we took him to the eye doctor for an eye exam. At his 1 year check up the pediatrician noticed a stigmatism. So to be safe we had it checked by an eye doctor. All is well! He does have two stigmatisms however the doctor said they are within normal range and he will likely grow out of them. So we will take him back in about 18 months to have them double check. Little man isn't walking yet but really should be taking off any day now. He just knows he can fly and get to anything if he crawls. So he just prefers to do that :)

I will work on being better with my blogging and taking photos! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Complete catch up!

I have been slacking on the blog AND taking pictures! After Christmas I spent my last 2 weeks off from school/work doing house projects, loving on my babies, catching up with friends and having play dates! To back up a little bit, New Year's Eve was spent with some of our friends...The Terwilliger Family. Beth (the mom) has been our photographer since Ellison was a baby. They have 2 sons, one of which is Ellison's age. The kids had SO much fun and played from 6:30 til 11:30 non-stop!

 Ellison and her friend Miles on New Year's Eve!

One morning Ellison had her two buddies Ava and Asher come over to play. Their mommy (one of my best friends, Nikki) is pregnant with her 3rd and had a doctor's appointment. These 3 had so much fun and loved playing together...Elic enjoyed watching them all around :)
 Ava, Ellison and Asher
 Painting pretty pictures!
 Working hard :)

This past weekend we noticed our neighbor's horse (aka Lightening) was out and about. We hadn't seen him since the end of summer. So of course Ellison was dying to see him and feed him. Connor took the kids and fed him some carrots. I love that this is right in our back yard...
 I love this picture of the 3 of them...
 Feeding Lightening
 Ellison and her favorite horse!
 On the other hand, Elic was not such a fan...
 Mommy and Elic
Love my sweet boy!

We started back to school/work today! It was nice to see all of our friends and my co-workers. As much as I wanted more time off and to spend with my kids I am ready to get back on a schedule and in a routine. It was a good day back!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Arrington Vineyards

While my Uncle was in town visiting from Pasadena, some of my family took a little drive out to Arrington Vineyards for the afternoon. It was a beautiful but chilly day. The adults did the wine tasting and then we ran around outside with the kiddos. We all had a wonderful time...it wasn't crowded at all which was nice. 
 Ellison, GUE, GJ, Elic and Claude at Arrington Vineyards
 GUE and his great niece :)
 A little wine tasting with the adults! And I just noticed Ellison's little face peaking out between GUE and Claude, little stinker!
 Miss Priss and her purple boots :)
 Mommy and her babies
 GJ and Ellison...so cute!
 Ellison had a good ole time playing chase and then standing on the rocks and jumping into my arms!
 Brother and Sister
 Little Stud...ladies he is NOT available!
 Elic loves to climb all over his big sister...it makes Ellison crack up!
We had such a fun time! Can't wait to see you soon GUE!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

I cannot believe that another year has passed and a new one has begun! I am thankful to have one more week off before returning back to our normal routine with school. I am using this week to catch up on house stuff, Thirty One and just enjoying my precious little love bugs. I am thankful that even once I return  to work my babes will pretty much be only a few steps away from me for just 20 hours a week. I am blessed that I have such an ideal job that works so well with being a mom! I feel like over this break I have realized just how fast time is flying by. This time next year, Ellison will be entered her last semester at Walker Preschool in the Pre-K program and will be preparing to start kindergarten! I am so not ready for that!

Anyways...we had a very fun New Years Eve spent with friends! However for now I am leaving you with a sneak peak of Elic's 1 year photos!

 Thank you Beth! I cannot wait to see the rest :)

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas afternoon with my family!

After we had Christmas morning with the kids we loaded up and headed over to my parents house to celebrate with my whole family! It was nice because we had extra morning time for the kids to play with their new toys before we had to be anywhere. My brother had to leave at 2 o'clock Christmas afternoon to head back to San Fran for work. We had a yummy brunch then opened gifts. It was a really nice time and I am extra thankful this year to have spent quality time with my whole family for a holiday (we of course missed Uncle Mark, Matt and Grace in Pasadena!). The kids loaded up with tons of goodies and us adults did as well! We all must have been extra good this year :)

 Uncle GoGo and his niece
 GJ and one of her munchkins
 GUE with the kiddos
 The kids with GJ and Poppy!
 Family picture on Christmas Day
 My happy parents :)
 Our routine brother/sister picture...
 Bubby doing his thing
 Connor and Claude
 Silly bubby
 The biggest hit gift Ellison got...a LeapPad (thank you guys, she loves it!)
 Daddy and his fishing reel
 I love their expressions...
 Ellison giving Nan a hug...thank you for the super cute purple boots!
 A girl can't ever have enough princesses...
Mommy got a surprise! The North Face jacket I have been eye balling! Thank you!
 Ellison immediately wanted to change clothes to show off her new Matilda Jane outfit...
 Passing out stockings...
Uncle GoGo and Bubs having fun!
 GUE, Nan and Claude with the kiddos...


Thank you all for such a wonderful Christmas!!!