Monday, January 16, 2012


Every since the rush of Christmas and holiday time has ended I have totally slacked on picture taking and blogging! Lets see here...we started back to school last week. It was busy but overall a pretty smooth transition back. I hosted a baby shower for a dear friend of mine yesterday. I also had a fun get together with my friends from work last night...I LOVE the ladies that I work with. I have formed some long lasting friendships and couldn't imagine working anywhere else!
The amazing ladies I work with! Missing a couple though :(

Ellison is doing great! She has her first gymnastics class tonight with her friend Marin at Let It Shine! She is beyond excited. She is doing so great in school. She recognizes almost every letter in the alphabet (she will be looking at a sign, building or book cover and point out each letter that she knows), she can right her name (correctly and in order!), her vocabulary is amazing, her memory and stories totally crack us up...she is just a bundle of entertainment and so smart! 

Elic is doing pretty good...we have had a few issues with constipation but I think we finally have resolved the issues. It has been going on for a couple of months (ever since he started drinking whole milk). He is also teething...poor guy can't catch a break! And we took him to the eye doctor for an eye exam. At his 1 year check up the pediatrician noticed a stigmatism. So to be safe we had it checked by an eye doctor. All is well! He does have two stigmatisms however the doctor said they are within normal range and he will likely grow out of them. So we will take him back in about 18 months to have them double check. Little man isn't walking yet but really should be taking off any day now. He just knows he can fly and get to anything if he crawls. So he just prefers to do that :)

I will work on being better with my blogging and taking photos! Hope everyone is having a great start to their week!

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